Pre-classes & “New students” for camps and vacation weeks are always on a Monday promptly at 7:30AM.

Pre-classes are a mandatory prerequisite for classes, camps, and vacation weeks.

If a child misses the Monday mandatory pre-class due to absence, Sew Easy reserves the right to cancel the student’s remainder of the camp week. No refunds or credits will be given.  If staff is available to hold a private pre-class once camp has begun (Monday), payment of $50 will be required for this lesson.

Siblings and friends will not be able to attend pre-class at 7:30AM.  Past students are to arrive at 9:30AM

(more information below regarding our camp policies)



A pre-class is a onetime private tutorial for new students enrolled in our program. We will email all new students with a pre-class date that coordinates with student’s schedule. Pre-classes for weekly Summer Camps and vacation weeks are always on a Monday promptly at 7:30 am.  Pre-classes are a mandatory prerequisite for classes, camps, and vacation weeks. Don’t worry we will work with your child’s schedule!

A pre-class will be considered a class in the event a student is absent during a session or beginning after a session has begun.


  • Classes
    If space is available, we will offer one make-up class per session a child is enrolled. We do not roll make-up classes into new sessions. Make-ups will be offered to those who report absences PRIOR to class. For new students, a pre-class will be used as a make-up class.
  • Camps and Vacation Weeks
    There are no make-up days during camp or vacation week programs.  We will not be responsible for projects not completed due to “unreported” absences during a camp week.  We will hold on to unfinished projects until a student’s next enrollment at Sew Easy.
  • Weekly Latecomers (For private school students or special circumstances)
    If your student is tardy to class each week because of a later school release, we welcome you to come for “make-up minutes” for the time missed. Mom keeps track of missed minutes and accumulates minutes to create make-up classes. Schedule prior.
  • Pre-classes will be considered a class in the event a student is absent during a session or beginning after a session has begun.


Sew Easy will be open for regular business hours during inclement weather. We do not follow public school closing schedules. Though we are open for business, students are not obligated to attend. Attending a regularly scheduled sewing program is at the discretion of the parents. We will contact parents via email 1.5 hours prior to a class in the event conditions warrant us to close our shop. In the event our shop is closed and class is cancelled we will not refund or hold a make-up class.


Refunds will only be given up until one week prior to the start of a program.


  • Immunization records are required with tuition to hold a students space.  These records have an expiration of 2 years.
  • New students -Attendance is required on Monday promtly at 7:30AM.  If student is absent on Monday, the student’s camp week cannot be completed and tuition will be forfeited.
  • Lunch -DO NOT pack any peanut or tree nut products.  Students are to bring lunch with a beverage, or bring money for pizza ($2/slice) or chicken fingers w/fries ($6).  Water is included with orders.


Sew Easy provides a snack break offering pretzels, oreos and water.  Students are welcome to bring their own snacks.  Please do not pack any tree nut or peanut products.


We will be communicating  by email all important information regarding: class cancellations, etc…


Periodically, Sew Easy photographs/video tapes program participants for promotional use. If a student or their guardian does not wish to be photographed, please let us know via email, otherwise we assume that we have your permission upon receipt of students registration.


By completing and submitting the registration form to Sew Easy, parents or legal guardian waive all claims of liability of physical and or emotional injury which may occur to student while at any of the Sew Easy locations.  Parents or legal guardian permits the staff at Sew Easy to seek medical treatment in the event of emergency.


Groupon offers are for “new” students to Sew Easy ONLY. If you are a current student and have purchased a Groupon voucher, not having read the fine print of exclusions, Sew Easy will honor the amount paid to Groupon and require a balance of remaining tuition of $125 due prior to sign up.


We’re sorry.  As you may have noticed, Valpak accidently left the reverse side of our coupon blank. To view their apology letter, click on home page link of this website.  Here are the missing details:

  • This offer is available to new students only.
  • With the purchase of a six-week class for $199, Valpak coupon holders will receive a 7th class free.  There is a $25 supply fee for all students.
  • This offer is available at both of our Needham and Wellesley locations and expires February 3, 2014.