Teaching the world to sew, one stitch at a time

Nine-year-old Karly Atkinson took a brave step on a recent Thursday evening.

"I'm Karly and I made a cat's tail," she proudly announced at the front of the room, wriggling the tail for a costume for her brother.

When students complete a project at Sew Easy, a North Naples business that offers sewing classes children and teens, they ring a bell.

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By Shelby Reynolds | Naples Daily News

New Wellesley Business Wants To Teach The World To Sew!

Lauren Johnston is doing her part to ensure sewing doesn’t become a lost art.

Sew Easy, a business she started 15 years ago in Needham to teach kids and teens how to sew, expanded this summer into a second floor space in Wellesley at 159 Linden St. 3C.

Sew easy, which begins its next 8-week session in Wellesley on Sept. 17, has taught more than 9,000 girls and boys to sew over the years. Students range in age from 5.5 to about 16, and classes are held after school and on Saturdays. Sew Easy charges about $325 per session, which includes materials. The Wellesley location has 12 sewing machines.

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Enriching Fabric of Their Lives

Lauren Johnston says she has taught over 8,000 students since launching Sew Easy 13 years ago. Last week she opened a second branch in West Roxbury, where she hopes to further disseminate an old-fashioned skill that is still indispensable in this high-tech age.

“In an instant, children feel empowered,” said Johnston, whose students, male and female, range in age from elementary through high school. “They choose the project that they want to work on and the fabrics that they want to use, and are excited and proud about expressing their creativity.”

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By Susan Chaityn Lebovits | THE BOSTON GLOBE

Sew Easy opens new location in Wellesley

Lauren Johnston, owner and founder of Sew Easy, has been teaching children how to sew since 1995. She said she’s taught the “dying art” to more than 9,000 kids and teens in the past 15 years.

Johnston recently expanded her operation to Wellesley. The Townsman caught up with Johnston at the new location, 159 Linden St., to ask her about her business and why so many children still want to learn to sew.

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